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Владимир Коваль
05.10.19, 09:25
Супер средство, особенно в межсезонье, - купил уже четвертую упаковку.
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Image Omega 3

Omega-3 is one of the substances that are important for optimal human metabolism, but cannot be produced by the body. Diet food supplement Omega-3 TM Image Pharm is recommended as a source of polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3, for the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system, normalizes cholesterol metabolism and brain function. Improves the condition of skin, nails and hair. Recommended for increased intellectual and physical exertion.


- improves the condition of skin, nails and hair

- normalizes cholesterol metabolism and brain function

- fights inflammatory processes in the body

- helps to reduce the level of the stress hormone cortisol and reduces blood viscosity

Ingredients: fish oil with a high content of omega-3 acids, gelatin, glycerin, water

Contraindications: pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding, hypersensitivity to the components

Volume: 120
Омега 3 кислоты
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How to use:

It is recommended for adults and children from 11 years old to take 1-2 capsules 3 times a day with meals. The term of use is 2 - 3 months.